Eating Our Way Through Cambridge

I haven’t been back to Boston in awhile, so when my college roomie told me she was going to be in Boston, I jumped on the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite cities.  So with the promise of beautiful, sunny weather in the 60-70s, I left work a little early, grabbed the boy (his name is Kunle!  He will guest post one day / is a much better cook), and hopped on a bus to Beantown.  Unfortunately, like every holiday weekend, traffic getting out of the city was awful.  This was worse though, last weekend of Summer…  Poor choice in hindsight, yeesh.

Then out of nowhere, the driver pulled over onto the side of the road, hopped up, and disappeared out the door with a cryptic, Schwarzenegger-esque “I’ll be back.”   After lots of confused chatter (being abandoned by your driver really brings a bus of random travelers together), a million pleas by an adorable little boy saying over and over in a super distressed tone “I wanna go home...does the driver know I wanna go home??” (yeah yeah, real cute…until he does it for the next FIVE HOURS…) , and lots of quiet musings on who we think would survive if it turns into a horror movie (us, obviously), the driver finally reappeared after 20 minutes and we went along our merry, traffic-laden way.   This happens 2 more times.  We are super confused.  What is going on??

Anyway!  Long / confusing trip aside, the weekend was beyond amazing.  We got to hang out with Kareem, our lovely host for the weekend (thank you!), and the boy and I spent all Saturday eating our way through Harvard Square:

First stop: Darwin’s

They had mini bottles of champagne! Too cute.

Perhaps one of the best sandwich places in the square (though I do love Hi-Rise Bakery…but it’s cash only, and we were too lazy to stop by the bank), with an impressive wall of wines and an adorable coffee shop attached.  We managed to snag a table (We saw an opening and pounced!  We’re quite sneaky, like ninjas)

Kunle had the A.R.C. sandwich - delish!

My Mt. Auburn Sandwich - Happiness in sandwich form

And in case you were wondering, yes, I made Kunle wait 10 minutes before eating anything so I could take multiple pictures, then rearrange the food and then take more pictures.  Thank goodness I found a very patient boy.  I also try to make sure he snacks constantly so he won’t get angry when I don’t let him eat his food right away 🙂

They had mini mint & strawberry cookie sandwiches! I couldn't say no...


Second stop: Sweet

I’ll admit, I love Kickass Cupcakes the most (their Mojito cupcake is amazing!), but that’s in Davis Square and I didn’t want to wait that long, so we went to Sweet, conveniently in the Square.  I went for the mini version of red velvet since I planned on eating more, while Kunle had a normal sized “Pink Lemonade” (I may have influenced the decision a little.  It’s pink!).  His cupcake looks ginormous next to mine:

OMG the mini cupcake was so cute I almost couldn't eat it! ...almost.

Third stop: Crema Cafe

No afternoon / day is truly complete without either coffee or tea.  Crema opened up my senior year, and I became obsessed with their “Red Nectar” drink – a blend of white cranberry juice and rooibos tea:

Kunle got the pink drink (raspberry lemonade) - I respect a man who can order a pink drink

I also couldn’t help buying this mudslide cookie since we literally saw them pull it out of the oven:

I got hungry and ate a (very large) bite before I remembered I was going to take a picture. It was still warm and gooey!

Fourth stop: Dinner at Ten Tables

My roomie introduced me to this place the last time I was in Boston – the original restaurant opened in Jamaica Plains (where she lived for a year), and literally only has ten tables.  We went to the one in Cambridge, which has 20 tables, but it still has a warm, home-y feel.  They’re known for using local, seasonal and organic ingredients, and the food is just amazing.


Last stop: JP Licks.

Continuing on the Jamaica Plain theme, we went for ice cream after dinner.  I chose Pralines & Cream.  It was ridiculously good, and I ate it all before I could think of taking a picture.  But trust me, it was amazing.  I had to stop myself from eating Kunle’s after I finished mine.  Actually…. no, I didn’t stop myself – I ate most of his too.

In the midst of the food tour on Saturday, I ran into my friend Yi-An!  If you don’t know her, you should.  When I was a sophomore, I had to be in NYC for an interview, and despite having just met me a week ago, she volunteered to come with me so I wouldn’t have to go alone!  That’s 5 hours on a bus.  And not just any bus…the sketchy CHINATOWN BUS (this was in the Dark Ages, pre-Bolt Bus, wifi and fancy cupholders).  That’s love.  Instant friend for life!   I spent the Sunday with Yi-An, eating more, and shopping at all the fun, eclectic places in the Square.  She bought a beautiful, beautiful winter coat, while I bought and ate a ton of food so I wouldn’t need a winter coat to keep me warm.  Mmm, hibernation.

Sadly, I eventually had to leave for a late bus back to the City (trying to avoid the crazy Labor Day traffic), and missed saying goodbye to Kareem since he was being a good roomie and helping his new roommate move in.  I bought this for him as a thank you, but since he wasn’t able to meet us in the Square, Kunle and I had to eat it (but we sent happy thoughts his way while doing so):

Thank you for hosting, Kareem! (And sorry we ate your thank you present)


7 responses to “Eating Our Way Through Cambridge

  1. Sad that I only made it to the tail end of the Harvard Square Food Party! I think we’ll have to make up for it next time in NYC……So fun hanging out with you!!!

    • I knoow I had so much fun!! Don’t worry, everyday is a food party, and I’m excited for you to come to NYC so we can eat all the time (and catch up between mouthfuls of deeelish food). Have you been to Alice’s Tea Cup? I took my mentee, it’s super cute! Really yummy, buttery, flaky scones (so much more legit than mine…).


      All of yall are meanies for partaking in all these yummy things and not including me! Well tonight, I ate a veggie burger, some raw cauliflower and some roasted beets from Trader Joe’s. So there 😛 (man….I can’t even make that sound good….)

      Miss you veebs 😦

      • Ohh man you should microwave the cauliflower in a bowl of water, and mash it with some milk + butter. Add some salt & pepper (and chives and cheese if you have it!). SO GOOD.

        Can’t wait for you to visit!

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