Laduree: New York

When I studied abroad in Copenhagen, I got to visit Paris with two friends  from college during one of our longer breaks in the spring.  Since then, I’ve been dying to go back.   So when I switched jobs this summer and had a bit of free time in between jobs, Kunle and I met up with a few friends and basically ate our way through Paris, then Copenhagen.  I think we saw a few historical and iconic sites / museums, but mostly  because they were on the way, and we couldn’t manage to eat ALL day (though we did for like…99% of the day…).

In Paris, one of the places where we spent an inordinate amount of time (and unspeakable numbers of Euros…) was Laduree.  Go ahead, click on the link.  Ohh and ahh.  Cry a few tears of happiness.  I won’t judge.  In fact, I could probably spend the rest of my life in this store.  The place is like the modern, sophisticated version of Candyland (aka nothing that evokes a Katy Perry video) – adorable yet classy, and home to some of the most amazing macaroons you will ever eat.

Towers of macaroons. Best. Cake. Ever.

So when I heard that they were finally opening up a store in NYC, I knew I had to go.  Plus it was my friend Chelsea’s birthday, and it gave me a (more legit) excuse to buy macaroons.  I mean, what good friend would buy their friend macaroons that she herself had not tasted?  I obviously had to make sure they were the same quality as the ones I bought in Paris.

So I got there and waited in line.  I snapped a picture of the pretty candles that were on sale:

Then I checked the price tag: $50.  WHAT!?  Would you pay $50 for a candle??  Does it turn my apartment into a giant, edible macaroon??  (Omg that would be amazing.)  But seriously, I really don’t understand paying that much for a candle.  Do you know how many macaroons that’ll buy you??

…Oh right, the macaroons are super overpriced too.  That’ll buy you like 12 macaroons.  Maybe the candle was a better deal…

Anyway, after 45 minutes and an immeasurable numbers of attempts to elude a certain Mr. “I don’t understand personal space” who was standing behind (or more like looming over) me, I finally get to the counter:

I know, it’s blurry.  I panicked and snapped it in a hurry.  I didn’t want the fancily dressed people behind the counter to judge me for being too much of a tourist.  Though I think they judged anyway.  In my own city!   Shameful.

But finally finally…the fruits of my labor:

Do you hear angel choirs singing? No, just me?

These lasted about an hour.  Mostly because it took me that long to find my way back to my apartment.  And I mustered up enough patience to be a good girlfriend and actually waited to eat them after Kunle got back.  That’s love.


4 responses to “Laduree: New York

  1. haha, I did a euro trip too and I told my friends I was only going for the food 🙂

    We stopped at Laduree while in Paris as well. Did you try the salted caramel one?? It was delicious and by far our favorite!

    • OMG yes it was amazing! They didn’t have it, I don’t think, at the NY one when I went, sadly… My favorite was this seasonal one, lemon thyme – it was incredible 🙂

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