A break from cooking

So with all the craziness going on at work, ordering food from Seamlessweb, and indulging in delicious foods like this:

Amazing rice pudding from Rice to Riches....

Not to mention living out this motto 🙂

I decided I should probably get back to a regular workout routine 🙂  But I couldn’t resist trying this, especially since a Momofuku Milk Bar just opened up literally FOUR BLOCKS from my apartment!  Sigh.  I’m a goner.

Crack pie and a pork bun! I was good and didn't get the fried egg on top. Compromises 🙂

But no, I was determined to get back onto a regular workout routine, if only so I could have a good excuse to eat more crack pie and pork buns 🙂  So when a friend of mine told me about his newfound love for indoor rock climbing, I figured I might as well give it a try!

So after a long day at work last Tuesday, I made my way to Brooklyn Boulders, and tried my hand at bouldering.

Turns out, I was not a mountain goat in a past life.  More like a hippo. And I’m terrified of lunging for the next hand hold, because I’m terrified I’ll fall.  Guess what that leads to?  Yup, missing the handholds and falling anyway.  My forearms have never been so sore 😦  Actually, is it too embarrassing to admit that they still hurt?  Oh well.  It still hurts to open doors and staple papers 😦

So being the brilliant person I am, I decided I’d do what every logical, extremely sore person would do.  I decided I’d try Bikram Yoga!  In my mind, the heat makes everything better, right?  Kind of like sitting in a hot tub.  Right??

So, so wrong.  Did you know it’s 105 degrees in the room?  Do you know how hot that is?  I found out firsthand.  If you’ve never tried it, and have never done yoga before, this probably isn’t the best place to start.  But then again, there’s only 26 poses, and you do each pose twice back to back, so you have lots of time to pick it up.  It definitely helps to be flexible (a huge thank you is due right about now to Delana, my intense, brilliant, drill sergeant / dance teacher), and to be wearing as little clothing as possible.  You will learn the ins and outs of the phrase “drenched in sweat.”

But man, sweaty-ness aside…can I just say…It. Was. Awesome!!  As someone who doesn’t really see the point of yoga (so slow… ), and prefers working out by taking out all aggression and stress on a punching bag, I didn’t expect to like this at all.  But it was great!  Something about the combination of heat, concentration required and challenging poses.  At times you could almost imagine you’re tanning on the beach on a hot summer day.  Almost.  Then you have to go into the next pose and that beach scene flies far, far away.  But I’m so happy I went – thanks Kat for finally dragging me there!  Also, as an aside, Kat is a fantastic cook / blogger, check it out: http://aflavorforlife.com

Okay, I promise to back to cooking soon 🙂  But I had to share!  Much as I love foods in all its carby, gooey, cheesy, melty glory, you gotta balance it out with some kind of physical activity (though that Rice to Riches quote sounds like an awesome life).  The alternative is probably to eat less, but really, who wants to do that?

Cottage Cheese + Cheddar Breakfast Muffins coming soon!  Best pre-workout snack (but not before Bikram).


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