Happy Five Years (and 1 month)!

Oops, a little late on this one.  But the bf and I had such a good time exploring Red Hook, I just had to share, late or not! 🙂 So if you’re ever looking for a nice getaway from NYC, I highly recommend this place. And P.S. my first baking project of 2012 will be up soon!

As with any big, important occasion, we celebrated making it through five years (and still mostly intact!) by eating a lot of food. But we switched it up, and decided to do a quick getaway to Red Hook, NY.  What is in Red Hook (not the one in Brooklyn), you ask?  Great question.  We had no idea, but we thought we’d find out!

And we’re off! Yes I’m the one driving. Aren’t you glad you didn’t know until now?

We were starving and a little tired from the drive, but we all know that chicken pot pie can solve any and all of life’s problems.  So when our room wasn’t ready and hot water was still being fixed for all the rooms on our floor (it was a B&B, and to be fair, the owners are fantastic so it wasn’t really an issue at all!), we decided to just leave our stuff in the car, and head next door for “the best pie in the world” at Me-Oh-My Pies.  Best name ever (and bonus points for being 5 feet from the B&B!). As we were walking in, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. After all, I live in NYC, home of all manner of delicious things. AND I was raised in the good ole South, home of all manner of rich, buttery things.  But then, this came out:

Buttery, flaky, crispy, gooey goodness.

And I stop scoffing.  Instead, we demolished our chicken pot pies (did you think we shared?  Please!  Five years is not long enough for that kind of love…), and tried to slow down our eating with a pot of jasmine pearl tea.  Obviously did not help.  And just as we were leaving, we remembered our lovely B&B host Pat’s warning – “Don’t leave without trying the pie!”  Yikes!  Could we do it? We were so full….

Sadly, we said no (I know, I get sad thinking about it, too) and decided to come back if we survived the pending food coma.  Instead, we drove at Pat’s recommendation to a beautiful site called Olana, which is the historical home of Hudson River School artist Frederic Edwin Church.  It was a little chilly outside, but it was wonderfully sunny and the view of the mountains was gorgeous and well worth the long hike up the mountain (…okay fine, we drove.  But hey, it was still a trek!).

Afterward, we drove across the Hudson River in search of coffee and chocolate, and stumbled upon Saugerties! Adorable little town, with an excellent chocolate shop called Lucky’s. They had samples of chai tea truffles, which were mind blowingly good!  We bought a mini box of 6 assorted flavors, snagged a coffee and a hot chocolate (our second… or third?? of the day…) before walking through the cute antique shops, book stores and bakeries.

Since it was getting late, we decided to head back, and finally check into the room.  It was adorable!  Everything you’d expect from a B&B, with lovely extras like an actual TV, a super eclectic but awesome DVD (AND VHS!!) collection, and lots of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and chocolate candies available 24/7.  Love.  We dropped off our stuff, lounged around, and headed over to a restaurant nearby for dinner called Flatiron Grill.


We started with a charcuterie and cheese platter:

K had the braised bison short ribs on butternut squash and cheese grits:

I had the steak frites with chimichurri and au povire sauce:

There were also giant, towering souffles that were coming out of the kitchen that mesmerized us.  But we were (again!) too full so had to pass…

The next morning we woke up to breakfast served by Chef Nabil, the other owner of the B&B.  Chef Nabil used to cook for British royalty, as well as Jackie O.!  But he retired to the “country” with his wife Pat, and K and I got to enjoy the result.  Which was an amazing eggs benedict with fresh fruit, fresh squeezed OJ and lots and lots of coffee.  Heavenly!

And before we left we had to pick up more coffee and hot chocolate from Tasty Budd’s Cafe (the building is purple and white!), as well as… pies from Me-Oh-My!  Of course. You didn’t think we forgot did you??

Then it was back to NYC.  Such a short trip, but a great break from the hectic city!  Before we got back though, we st0pped for a picnic with sandwiches we got from J&J Deli in Red Hook.  Yumm:

Thank you for a wonderful trip Kunle, and happy (belated) five years!! 🙂


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