I’m back!

I know, I know. I’ve learned my lesson: Don’t put your new year’s resolutions on the interwebs, especially if one of those resolutions is to post more, and disappear for oh…about 10 months or so. Yikes.

I had lots of excuses for you, pictures of cute puppies (who can hate small balls of fluff?), a few funny stories, a few made up stories, and promises of delicious treats to try to win you back and take your mind off my long absence. But I’ll save you the drama, and just say that I’m sorry for being a flake, and that I’m happy to be posting again 🙂 And despite my hiatus from blogging, I promise I’ve been cooking up a storm, and have lots of yummy ideas to share with you. I’ll also post shorter entries with other things I’m obsessed with aside from food (they exist, I swear!), which should make it easier to post more consistently.

Anyway, I’ll post a quick photo update of the last 10 months, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this incredibly sweet video by the amazing folks at Wong Fu Productions:

Can we get a collective “Awe!” here?


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