The last ten months

As promised, a picture recap of the last 10 months. Looking back to find these old pictures, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by:

I tried to make bread. I left the dough to proof and forgot about it for several hours, and came back to find that the dough had erupted all over my kitchen counter. It was kind of awesome 🙂

I had a love affair with powdered sugar and used copious amounts to cover up baking mistakes (I think this was supposed to be a dutch baby).

I became obsessed with small crocheted things, bought yarn in lots of colors, and quickly lost interest after a week. This was the only thing I ever made. (Anyone want yarn?)

I drank a lot of coffee in cute jars.

I got the chance to go on an amazing ten day work trip to five different cities in China / Hong Kong. 

…where I got to go rock climbing in Yangshuo.

Saturdays became my favorite day of the week, filled with morning back-to-back workouts with awesome (and ridiculously fit) friends, delicious celebratory post-workout lunches, and unspeakably sore muscles the next day.

Work went crazy. But the gorgeous views from the office made it more manageable 🙂

Over the summer, we took a much needed vacation to North Fork, LI, where we ate delicious lobster rolls…

…spent lazy days doing wine tastings while basking in the sun…

…and were reminded of how blessed we truly are.

We found fun ways to use all the amazing fruit that cropped up in farmers’ markets.

And I discovered a new obsession – making and canning jam!

I dragged a certain skeptical boy to trapeze class (he loved it), and fulfilled my childhood desire of becoming a circus performer.

We packed a picnic lunch and explored Governor’s Island by bike…

…and saw Manhattan from a new angle 🙂

I found a box of cute, stuffed venereal diseases for my med school friend’s birthday (my favorite is herpes, in green!). I told her she could give a few away if she wants to “share the love.” Teehee.

After years of talking about it, my lovely friend Jena came to visit, and we had a whirlwind tour of NYC 🙂

We even trekked to Brooklyn to be hipsters for the day, complete with steaming cups of Blue Bottle Coffee lattes.

And finally I flew home, where I promptly fell back in love with the simple beauty of my hometown.

So there you have it. Ten months, a thousand cups of coffee, untold amounts of food, and lots of old (and new!) friends.

And still to come – a food post! 🙂


2 responses to “The last ten months

  1. Wow. We did so much stuff. Good memories indeed. Looking forward to the adventures over the next months 🙂

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